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So you have taken the time to create the perfect image. You have composted your image using the 12 elements of a merit print.


The 12 Elements Are:

  1. Impact

  2. Technical Excellence

  3. Creativity

  4. Composition

  5. Style

  6. Presentation

  7. Color Balance

  8. Lighting

  9. Subject Matter

  10. Center of Interest

  11. Technique

  12. Story Telling

Now What do you need to do ?


Create Your Borders –

Borders draw your eye into the image and keep it from straying away.

In Photoshop you will create your borders for your digital images.

After opening your image follow these steps.

Select the foreground color you want for your border

Select the background color you want for your border

Select Image at the top tool bar

Select Canvas Size

1st Keyline – Set your Width and Height to 0.025

Set your canvas for the foreground color

Press OK

Select Canvas Size again (Under the Image tab on the tool bar)

1st Border – Set your Width and Height to 1”

Set your canvas for the background color

Press OK

Select Canvas Size again (Under the Image tab on the tool bar)

2nd Keyline - Set your Width and Height to 0.025

Set your canvas for the foreground color

Press OK

Select Canvas Size again (Under the Image tab on the tool bar)

2nd Border – Set your Width and Height to 2”

Set your canvas for the background color

Press OK

You have now created a border around your digital image that gives you a 1/3rd inside border and a 2/3rd outside border.



Setting Your Image To Size

Select Image from the tool bar – then Image Size

Make sure you're set to Pixels

Set your resolution to 200

Set your Width in pixels to 4000

Then press OK

The maximum width when submitting your image to IPC is 4000 pixels

You’re almost done – You just need to save your image now



Saving You Image

Save As: Give your image a Title

A title can increase or decrease your image score. A good title that matches your image in telling a story will raise your image score. A title that just describes what your image is might not be the best choice. Be creative and come up with an idea to title your work.

Save your image as .JPG

The Color Space should be SRGB

The file size should be 3mb or below

Now you’re ready to submit your image for a digital competition

If your submitting images to PPA’s IPC or another digital competition, make the decision if putting a border around your image improves the look.



Creating Your Own Action in PS

Now you can make your own Action in Photoshop to do this automatically –

From the Window tab of your tool bar – Select Actions

Press the square button that has a plus sign in it

Give your Action a name so you can find it in the list of actions

In the Actions window press the begin recording round button

Complete the steps above by selecting your canvas sizes

When you have it finished press the square stop button on the action window

Now you have created an automatic action which makes the IPC border for you. All you have to do is remember to set your foreground and background colors before you start the action.

Richard Eads, CPP


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